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Is skipping or double unders a part of Crossfit that you or your clients find difficult? If yes, why not be taught by a Level 2 qualified REP’s Skipping Instructor (Register of Exercise Professionals of Great Britain). I have worked in over 300 Primary Schools all over Ireland teaching children basic and advanced skipping tricks.

We offer two types of courses to Crossfit Boxes- Beginners and Advanced. Each tutorial is 1 hour long bringing all the experience I have from teaching children every day in schools.


In our beginner’s course, I would carry out an hour long session introducing the basics of skipping to the participants. The tutorial would focus on…

  • Skipping Technique- Hand position, arm & wrist rotation.
  • Posture- Body, leg and feet placement.
  • Breathing- Underline the importance of breathing to the exercise.
  • Rhythm- Emphasise the correlation of hand and feet rhythm.

With these aspects of skipping mastered, teaching participants the basics of double unders would then be carry out for the last 15-20mins of our session.


The advanced course would be suited for individuals who have all the basics of skipping but are struggling to get multiple double unders. As I have seen from Crossfit videos, double unders are a key component of many workouts performed in Crossfit classes/competitions. I would start this session by…

  • Observing everyone’s technique.
  • Focusing on posture.
  • Making adjustments to help improve performance.
  • Encourage the importance of speed skipping.
  • Emphasising the significance of breathing.

From this workshop, participants will be equipped with the skills to perform multiple double unders through practice.